Erased is definitely a contender for my favorite anime. It follows protagonist Satoru Fujinuma, who has the unique ability (or curse) of rewinding in time whenever a tragedy strikes nearby. Early on we see an example of a typical rewind, going 5-10 minutes into the past, however by the end of the first episode Satoru is rewound all the way back to his childhood, and he must find a way to prevent the tragedy of his present while also undoing the tragedies of his past.

What I love most about Erased is the constant suspense and the excellent portrayal of the various characters and their relationships. The world feels authentic, which makes the consequences all the heavier. It pulls off an excellent balancing act between thrilling mystery and heart-wringing drama, which never left me unsatisfied. It’s an excellent story with an exciting conclusion that is a must see, not only for fans of mystery but for every anime fan!

Warning: Erased handles a lot of mature subjects such as abuse, so if you’re sensitive to things like that then tread with care.

Number of Times Watched: 1

Would I recommend it?: Absolutely!