Spirited Away was the first anime film I ever owned. It came recommended to my mom from a nameless employee at the video store, and to said employee I am forever grateful. Spirited Away is an all time classic that tells the story of Chihiro, a young girl moving to a new town. En route to their new home, Chihiro and her family stop to explore a mysterious tunnel, and wind up in a surreal world on the other side. Very quickly Chihiro finds herself trapped in this new world as her parents are cursed, and she must find a way to return them to normal so they can escape. Along her journey Chihiro meets a colorful cast of characters, from dust mites to dragons and everything in between.

Watching this film was the first time I realized just how incredible anime could be. At the young age of 7 years, my experience had been limited to the childhood staples of Gundam, Pokemon, Sailor Moon, etc. But Spirited Away was on another level. It’s rich world and deep storytelling are the reason my passing interest in anime developed into the passion it is today.

Number of times watched: 3

Would I recommend it?: Absolutely!