Your lie in April was a first for me in that, up until I watched it, I had very limited experience with romantic drama’s. What an incredible first step into the genre it was. Kousei Arima is a middle school student and piano prodigy struggling to cope with the trauma’s of his past. Due to a certain incident, Kousei has abandoned the piano and has slowly distanced himself from the competitive scene he once dominated. In the midst of his struggles he meets Kaori Miyazono, a violinist with her own checkered past who wants to help Kousei overcome his demons and re-discover the joy of music

I walked into Your lie in April expecting a happy-go-lucky show about childhood musicians. Instead I was met with one of the most emotionally devastating stories I think I’ll ever have the pleasure of experiencing. The character design, music, and animation are all fantastic, and anyone who can even slightly relate to the struggles of these kids will be instantly swept away in a sea of emotion.

Your lie in April is a standout anime that has had an effect on me few others could, and it’s one of the easiest recommendations I could make to anyone, regardless of their experience in the genre. It opened my eyes to the plethora of incredible romance and drama anime that I had previously ignored, and I believe it can do the same for anyone else.

Number of times watched: 3 (and I cried just as much every time)

Would I recommend it?: Absolutely!